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Accounting and Finance

Accounting is the interpretation of records and financial information that anyone in the business world can access and understand. As such accounting is often known as the 'language' of business.


Business and Management

Business and Management is the study of systems where goods and services are provided in exchange for something of value. A Degree in Business and Management is designed to give you an understanding of business models: how they function, how to run them on daily basis and how to possibly expand them in the future.


Computer Science & IT

Computer Science and Information Technology have become fundamental to the way we live, work, socialise and play. It is an exciting and fast-moving field of study, which will allow you to combine your skills of problem-solving, analysis and creative thinking to come up with solutions for various technological hurdles.


Creative Arts and Design

Why do Apple products cost so much more than its similar counterparts? And why do people pay for them? Even without seeing its bitten fruit logo, you can recognise their phones and laptops from its sleek design and user-friendly interface. Design encompasses more than just aesthetic and utility, a good concept can improve your daily experience and how you interact with various products and services.


Education and Teaching

Education and Teaching focuses on developing cognitive, motor abilities as well as social-emotional growth of children and young people. Your role as an educator will be very critical as the surrounding environment of a child can significantly impact his or her growth and development.



Engineering is the application of mathematical and scientific knowledge to design, build, maintain and improve structures, machines, electronic devices, systems and processes. In short, it is the use of logic to solve everyday problems.


Health and Medicine

Doctors provide some of the most important services in our society, from treating common cold, giving vaccinations, performing surgeries to restoring a patients health and wellbeing. The journey to become a doctor is long and challenging. You need to be prepared to work long stressful hours and most importantly, continue to have a strong desire to help sick people.


Hotel Management and Hospitality

Hotel Management and Hospitality is the art of service experience delivered in sectors such as travel, accommodation, dining and events.


Applied and Pure Sciences

Bioscience is the study of living organisms, from the largest mammals and plants to microorganisms. Due to innovations within the industry, Bioscience has been making significant strides and you can see this from the improvements of medicine that cure diseases, environmental techniques that rid of hazardous waste as well as the wide array of food (e.g. seedless fruit) in the supermarket.


Architecture Planning & Building

Architecture is both an art and a science by creating visually inspiring structures and spaces, while ensuring that their designs are safe and functional. The work of architects does not just end with just their draft - they need to work closely with engineers and contractors, to ensure that the construction is as close as possible to their drawings and specifications.



Aviation refers to the business management, logistics, operation, international regulations and technology of transportation of cargo. In this case, aviation involves the use of airplanes, airports and flight support.


English Language

The study of English Language opens windows into another culture and historical perspective that may not be available to non-native speakers. In general, there are two types of Language study: Linguistics and Literature. Linguistics is the study of language structure including phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, etc. It is the ‘science’ of languages and how patterns across languages are recognised and standardised. Literature is the study of how language encompasses human experience culturally, socially and historically.



Law Degrees have always been among the most sought after and highly respected tertiary education. Although they involve a lot of theories and reading, law is a fairly defined profession. Law is one of the world's traditional professions and if you choose to pursue it, you will bear a heavy responsibility and respectability.


Mass Communication and Media

Mass Communication and Media is an all-encompassing industry that has grown into multidisciplinary specialisations that relates to spreading messages, stories, promotions and brands. It involves various types of information — news, entertainment, branding, knowledge, advice — being relayed via newspapers, magazines, television, radio, advertisements and online channels.



Psychology is the study of human mind and behaviour, which helps you to understand people the way they are, their motivations and why they do what they do. Being a psychologist does not just mean listening to your patients while they lie on a couch, you could also be doing research in labs or apply your knowledge in commercial companies.