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  • In an Education and Teaching course, you will obtain various teaching techniques that will engage a child to learn
  • Training in Education and Teaching will not only prepare you to be an educator, but also various careers involving children
  • You may study Education and Teaching through Diploma and/or Degree



Education and Teaching focuses on developing cognitive, motor abilities as well as social-emotional growth of children and young people. Your role as an educator will be very critical as the surrounding environment of a child can significantly impact his or her growth and development.

If you choose to be an educator, you need to have endless patience and sensitivity to deal with young children who are likely to cry, throw tantrums and fight with other students. You will also need to create engaging and creative lessons that will make learning fun and educational for young children. Despite the chaos, sticky glue and paper mache, a school requires you to be highly organised with various lessons plans as well as interactive materials and be prepared for any mishaps along the way. Most importantly, you need to find joy interacting with children and be able to connect with them.

‘’as an educator, you will also be constantly learning new teaching methods and developing innovative lessons to engage your young students’’

A course in Education and Teaching will help you advance an understanding how a child develops, learns and behaves. You will also learn various teaching techniques that will engage a child to learn. Training in Education and Teaching will not only prepare you to be an educator, but also various careers involving children.

Various Fields Available

With your training, you will have obtained valuable knowledge and skills for employment opportunities in Ministry of Education, private or public schools and other commercial companies that revolves around the field.


  • Education and Teaching refers to education for children and young people.

Types of jobs

  • ECE curriculum developer
  • ECE lecturer
  • Educational toy consultant
  • Kindergarten teacher
  • School teacher
  • School owner
  • School principal

Successful people/ companies

  • Montessori Schools are learning institutions that focus on the development of the whole child – physically, mentally, emotionally socially and, depending on the schools, spiritually. The school’s focus is on nurturing the child into a well-rounded human being who would be a contributing member to society.

Education Pathways

There are several pathways towards the Education and Teaching industry after your Secondary Education. You can choose to pursue a Pre-University course, a Foundation in Science or Arts in your chosen university or a Diploma. Upon completion of any of those qualification, you will then be eligible to pursue a Degree in Education and Teaching. Some teaching institutions will require you to complete a mandatory internship or practical training at a local school. After completing your Diploma, you can choose to pursue a Degree in Education and Teaching, or start working thereafter.

Types of qualifications

  • Foundation in Science or Arts
  • Diploma in Education and Teaching
  • Degree in Education and Teaching

Entry requirement

  • Good pass in Secondary Education. Subject prerequisites may apply.
  • Minimum 3 credits in Secondary Education.
  • Good pass in Secondary Education and a Pre-University course or Foundation in Science or Arts.*

Duration of courses

  • 1 year
  • 2 to 3 years
  • 3 to 4 years

*As a rule of thumb: ‘A’ Level minimum 2 Es; STPM minimum 2 Ds; Australian Pre-University minimum of ATAR 50.0; CPU minimum average of 50% in 6 subjects; Diploma minimum CGPA of 2.0; Foundation in Arts minimum CGPA of 2.0.